March 25th, 2002


downloading goodness

Since my uninstallment of Morpheus I was wondering which program to replace it with and finally decided upon WinMX. I heard some people say the interface wasn't the greatest but I don't see anything wrong with it. I was frustrated at first because it kept seeming that I couldn't download anything because of dropped connections and whatnot, but, after a day or two that stopped happening, for the most part at least. Like Napster there's a lot of music here I didn't expect to find. Like Morpheus I've been able to find pictures and video clips too. Something new to me though using WinMX is finding books that have been scanned in. I've been downloading ones I've been missing in a long series like Anne McCaffrey's "The Dolphins of Pern", Raymond Feist's "Prince of Blood" and Piers Anthony's "Zombie Lover." Lotsa good stuff here.
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    Kristine W - "Lovin' You"