March 31st, 2002


happy last day of March everybody

J had called me last night via cell phone on his way to the City with V for a quick trip. J made the mistake of handing over the phone to V whereupon V and I mercilessly capped on J. Ah, such fun. :o)

I was woken up this morning exactly at 8am by some idiot across the alley revving his motor scooter. Was it wrong for me to want him to explode in a giant pyroclastic display with chunks of him raining down in itty bitty pieces? I didn't think so.

Will be heading down to my aunt and uncle's later for Easter dinner with family. Once again they've decided to disregard tradition and have baby back ribs instead of ham. *sigh* What's wrong with people today?

Apologies to gunthak since I got a bit bored last night and went through his LJ calendar, posting anywhere I could. heh heh

Oh yeah, HAPPY EASTER to anyone who cares about that religious stuff, unlike me who's in it for the dinner and chocolate candies. ;o)
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