May 2nd, 2002


miscellaneous schtuff

Nothing exciting happening lately, hence the lack of posts.

After many misgivings I decided to download ICQ 2001b to replace my beloved 99b version. I didn't want to get a newer version because of ads but I figured I might be able to hack the res file so I wouldn't have to see them. Turns out I didn't have to. For the newer ICQ I downloaded the newest ICQ Plus as well and it will block the ads for me. YAY!

I got weird phone call today. I answered and said hello a few times but there was no response -- well, I could hear a TV in the background and the caller breathing but he/she didn't say anything. I hung up after a while.

One thing I really miss about my waterbed I had was the head board book case. It and the rest of the boards from the waterbed are out in the garage area collecting dust and it occurred to me today that I could cut some of the boards into legs and attach it to the head board and slide it in front of the bed so I can use it like I did beforehand even though it'd be more of a high table now. Besides storage for paperback books, I kept a lamp, my phone and answering machine on it. I want it back damnit. Maybe I'll ask my uncle to cut the boards to the right size. Hmmm...
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