May 7th, 2002


"Witches say Christians violated their rights"

They interrupted a sacred ritual, she told Reuters. "When we yelled 'Sacrifice the chocolate rabbit' they jumped out of their parked cars and started to circle us. They were praying hard. It was really chaos. But we were focused because we were determined they weren't going to stop us and force us to hide." (read the article in full)

You know, there's thousands of homeless people that could use help. Old historic buildings that need help in rennovation. Boy and girl latch-key kids who could use group supervision by folks with time on their hands. Yet certain few Xians think their time would be better served like this. *shakes head*

different reactions

I was reading the latest entry at "Home Now". He describes how he was at a stop light and sees the driver, a young woman, in the car to the right of him. He notices she's on the cell phone and crying and looked frustrated with whoever was on the other side of the phone.

Now Wil's reaction to this, in short, was to sympathize with her, start crying himself and come up with metaphor for all this. While I can understand his thinking from visiting his site often enough, my reaction would have been quite different. It goes like this:
  • I don't care if you're stopped a light, if you want to talk on the phone get the fuck off the road and do it there.
  • If you're so emotional that you start crying while you are driving, again, get the fuck off the road.

Thank you. Yeah, I'm a heartless SOB but considering the fact she's putting my and everyone else's safety at risk I'd feel more than justified being pissed off at her.