May 21st, 2002


so far today

Updated BBP this morning. I had almost completely forgot about it.

Headed to the library this afternoon and was shocked to see the sci-fi section gone. Completely bare. Some of the books were folded into the general fiction section. Some are nowhere to be seen. Others were in the room with books for sale. Of course I had to buy a few:
  • Piers Anthony - "Phaze Doubt"
  • Terry Brooks - "The Tangle Box"
  • Orson Scott Card - "Ender's Shadow"
  • Orson Scott Card - "Shadow of the Hegemon"
  • Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter - "The Light of Other Days"
  • Michael Moorcock - "The Elric Saga: Part 1"
  • Larry Niven - "The Ringworld Throne"