June 11th, 2002

Big Gay Vince, bastard, Southpark me

go Cathy

When I first online there was someone who kept sending/forwarding me crap several times a day. It got very, very annoying and eventually I just stopped talking to him at all. I felt a bit bad about that until I heard from others saying they did the same. Anyway, I saw these two strips and totally related.
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dark phoenix, righteous babe, consume the universe

another one bites the dust

I noticed yesterday morning that someone (someone? Ah hell, it was mtncub) dropped me from his friends list sans excuse. And do you know what? I'm not really angry about it. The first time that happened to me I got very pissed and bitter. Now... well, I suppose I am a bit miffed about not being told why but as far as being dropped itself I don't have a problem with it. I figure if they don't want to read what I say then they shouldn't. I just wish he (or anyone else) had the balls to tell me why even if it's "I don't find you interesting anymore" or "dude, you're boring as hell". As stinging as those may sound it's less so than being in the dark. Ah well, life moves on...
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Before I update my BBP site I usually check the stats beforehand. I logged in and immediately saw the number of hits this week increased by 700. Very strange. I checked the referrals to see if someone new linked to me but the most recent ones (the free account limits me to the 100 most recent) were from bookmarks. I decided to check the time zone tracking page as well. Usually the two largest are the time zones with Germany and the eastern U.S. ones, but, this time they were blown away by the zone with Malaysia & central China, and the zone with eastern China & western Australia. The language tracking page shows a jump in Japanese. Very curious.
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