June 12th, 2002



Kung Fu Chess!

It differs from normal chess in that you don't wait for turns, you can move any piece at any time. The catch is that after playing a piece there's a recharge time before that piece can be used again.

link snagged from reset_smith
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too little, too late?

"Acknowledging that online piracy is forcing dramatic changes in the music industry, the world's two largest record companies are poised to make it easy and cheap for fans to buy - rather than steal - songs off the Internet. ... This summer, Universal plans to sell tens of thousands of high-quality digital singles for 99 cents or less and albums for $9.99 through online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Sam Goody, according to sources and company executives. ... Significantly, the company plans to let consumers download songs and record them freely onto CDs - a major shift from the company's practice of limiting what users could do with downloaded music."
Read more of the article at SunSpot.net

I'm very skeptical that they'll attract buyers who've gotten used to getting their music for free via Napster, Morpheus or WinMX. Perhaps with older music not currently available on the P2P software arenas, or maybe mixes that are hard to find.
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