June 23rd, 2002


i paralyze...

Going through insomnia's journal I came across a thread mentioning that Dead Or Alive was going to be performing at S.F. Pride. I would LOVE to see them in concert. I've got a few clips of them from various performance they've done. Looks like so much fun. Anyhoo, I went to log into WinMX and discovered I couldn't connect with any of the servers and that had me "grrrr"ing pretty quick. It was only after several minutes I noticed a small message up top saying there was a new version of WinMX out to download. Ok, I did that and then start it. It connected with the servers right away.

I searched for some DOA songs and came across "I Paralyze" (sample available here) in a radio edit and a mix. I got the radio edit because it was a lot smaller and why download something big if you're not gonna like it, eh? I should have gotten the mix - it was that good a song. I didn't regonize which CD it came from so I checked out the official website and saw it came out on the "Fragile" CD back in 2000. Where the f@ck was I when this happened? Did a little bit further reading elsewhere and it seems it wasn't released in the U.S. "Hmm, ok, maybe I'll get the import," I thought so I checked out the pricing at CDNow and Amazon... YIKES! $40-45 for the CD?! Uh... well... I don't think so. Let's see what I can download, or wait for a U.S. release. me = tightwad :o)
  • Current Music: Dead Or Alive - "I paralyze [DivaBoys radio edit]"

not particularly tasty

I was munching on dinner (chicken-fried steaks, mashed potatoes, biscuits & gravy) and in the middle of one bite I realized I was munching on something else too: my moustache. LOL Ok, after dinner I go to trim the bugger and I figure "why the hell not?", so, I go ahead and shave the 'stache and beard down to five o'clock shadow. Once that's cut down I notice my hair is a bit long too and remembered I last got it cut at the end of January. So, if I remember to, I'll get a haircut tomorrow morning.
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