June 27th, 2002

Big Gay Vince, bastard, Southpark me

Thursday Threesome (http://othersideofglenroad.org/backporch/)

Off topic... The Thursday Threesome for June 27. Courtesy of Sheryl Crow.

Onesome: Soak--Like a sponge, what class in school did you seem to absorb the easiest?
Hmm, a hard one. I'd probably say accounting simply because everything I read actually stuck in my head. That made the class enjoyable even if my teacher was a right-hand Nazi. By that I mean she forced all of us to use the calculators right-handed even if we were left-handed.

Twosome: Up--What things always bring you up when you are down?
Usually reading a good book to put me into another world and forget this one altogether. Sometimes a good dance song/mix with a hyper beat.

Threesome: The Sun--Enjoy the sun? What's your favorite outdoor activity?
*hiss* The light! It burns! It burns! Seriously though, no, I don't enjoy the sun at all. I like the night or during the day when it's overcast with dreary grey skies. Assuming it is sunny though I supposed I do like going on a nice walk, preferably with a friend. Times passes quickly that way. If it's super hot outside then some swimming is in order, either down my aunt's or cousin's house. Thank their little hearts.
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Big Gay Vince, bastard, Southpark me

go save someone else

Yesterday, just as I had started eating dinner the doorbell buzzed. I opened the door and it turned out to be 2 young girls with name tags and I knew they were going to try to "save" me. *sigh* I made the mistake of letting one of them get in a word. Usually I just look at them and tell them right away I'm not interested thank you and shut the door. The first one got out one sentence before I told them I wasn't interested. I made a second mistake. I was polite. You can't do that with these people. You need to be a mean SOB. Anyway girl #1 kept asking questions (whilst #2 stood there looking vapid) after which I kept saying I wasn't interested until I had enough. I glared at them both, held out my palm to stop her and almost growled I'm not interested. Then closed the door. Next time I'm just going to say go away and slam the door in their faces. Damn being nice.
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