July 19th, 2002


dogs and a haircut

Well, this early morning sucked. I got very little sleep thanks to the two furballs I was sitting. Ruckles always sleeps close to me, I know that, but this time she wanted to be in constant contact with me. I'd move around and then she'd get up and move right up to me and snuggle in. I'm not used to having things in bed with me (oh shut up.) Every time she did that I'd wake up and there 4 inches from my face was Chula sitting there staring at me smiling. Any movement on my part was taken as a signal to close in and lick my face. Argh! After this happened over and over I said "screw it" and got up at 5am. I let both of them outside in the backyard. Then out in the front yard for good measure. Then I left them inside the house taking my clothes with me heading home. I wanted to shower there sans canines and eat the leftover chinese take-out in the fridge. I got to the entrance of my street and was barked at by a brown and white pit bull. I muttered unpleasant things and kept walking unaware said dog was following me. Closely. Starting barking at me more and circling me. I wasn't in a good mood so I grabbed a dry long branch from a bush in the corner open lot and held it club-like in one hand. Then calmly waked to the apartment ignoring the dog knowing I'd have no problem bashing it's %$#@ head in if it really bugged me. I got home, showered, dressed, picked up a new book then headed back to my aunt's house. I dropped off the book and the walked down the street to get my hair cut, finally!

I got to Fantastic Sams a little before it opened, making me 2nd in line. I had gotten a haircutter/stylist I hadn't had before. Normally I just sit there silently while they do the work but this time I actually started a conversation. We ended up talking about cats, dogs and a lot about fish. I enjoyed my time there. I got back to my aunt's house and fed the dogs. Then I sat in the recliner with the book I had brought earlier and promptly fell asleep. :o)
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today's friday five (http://www.fridayfive.org)

1. Where were you born?
I was born at Mercy Hospital in Merced, California back in the magical year of 1969.

2. If you still live there, where would you rather move to? If you don't live there, do you want to move back? Why or why not?
Assuming I don't hit a big jackpot, then sure, I'd like to go back to Merced. Why? Well, there's family there and friends, a lot more to the town than when I lived there. It's a very walker and bicycler friendly town with paths to travel. Plus, there's a new University of California being built there on the outskirts of town by Lake Yosemite.

3. Where in the world do you feel the safest?
Here where I am or just about any place. I have no reason not to feel safe anywhere.

4. Do you feel you are well-traveled?
No, I've been to a total of 4 states outside of California so I'm definitely not well traveled in this country.

5. Where is the most interesting place you've been?
I'd probably say Washington D.C. I saw so many monuments and museums in the short time I was there I know I want to go back someday and see so much more. (Though the next time I'm avoiding steak like the plague.)
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thursday threesome (http://www.othersideofglenroad.org/backporch/)

posted a day late of course...

Onesome. A Clear - In the last few months, what have you muddled over that suddenly became a clear, focused picture or plan of action?
*blinks* Plan of action? I don't think I know the meaning of that phrase. I sort of muddle through life and get surprised by things. I like things that way. :o)

Twosome. And Present - what is the coolest present you've ever gotten and/or given?
*points to his computer and hugs it tightly*

Threesome. Danger - have you ever been in a dangerous situation?
Yes, yes, yes and more yes. From being chased by dogs numerous times over the years, to being in a car (running on fumes) going down a mountain with the driver insisting she was going to take her half of the road in the middle of the road and praying that a semi wasn't going to come from around the corner and pulverize us, to getting off on the wrong stop on the first day of ever taking a school bus and being totally lost.
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