July 25th, 2002


thursday threesome (http://othersideofglenroad.org/backporch/)

Onesome: all - all the world's a stage... So what types of issues put you on your soapbox?
You'd think with our own journals we'd go ahead and spew everything we think about, but, for the most part we don't. These journals are public and we censor ourselves. I have a few times posted some IIWDs (If I Were Dictator) but haven't in a while now. I should express more about my active dislike for the Usurper (Bush), Herr Reichmeister (Ashcroft) and the evil Doctor Claw (Cheney) who directs things hidden in the background.

Twosome: things - what sort of things are you most likely to purchase "spur of the moment" when shopping?
Hmm, in order by past experience: CDs (held in check by downloading music so I don't get as many CDs as I used to), computer games (held in check because they're damn expensive), fish (I'm actually trying to get rid of them now), plants (well, I just kill them -- indoor plants that is.)

Threesome: girl - sugar and spice and everything nice? Come now, what are YOU really made of?
Is this where I go on about being sarcastic to the point of sometimes hurting people I don't mean to, shamefully selfish in trying to get what I want, sometimes inconsiderate of other people's feelings, and so cynical that it'd take 5 people put together to match me? *sigh*
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