July 30th, 2002


books, curtains, & my neighbor

I had spent most of the last three days reading, both physical books and ebooks I had downloaded via WinMX. The last three read being Mercedes Lackey's Heraldic Voices trilogy. Typically when I download a book I include it in list of files that I share but I waited on these ones since I decided to spellcheck the documents as I read through them. Just doing my part for better reading. ;o) I also return my library books today, check out three more and bought one: Larry Niven's "Destiny Road".

Headed to WalMart to look for a curtain or something to cover the little (46"x20") window above the tub/shower, but everything the size that's needed were these frilly foo-foo panels that were... ugh! So that project will be put on hold until there's something acceptable that won't make me want to vomit. I did, though, buy those two herbs I was going to buy last week: the variegated oregano and tricolor sage which I'll plant outside tomorrow morning.

Also heard news that the neighbor next door in #3 will probably be getting an eviction notice soon. I do like her on a personal level. She's always been nice, but, her family and friends are another story. Loud music when they visit, friends coming/sneaking in through the window when she's not home, the fighting and yelling... well... *shrugs* Maybe the next neighbor will be different with really cool friends. *pauses* Yeah, I know, I should get back to reality.
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