July 31st, 2002


userpics & poll

well, I fucked that up royally so lets try again....

I've often wonder why the space allowed for a single userpic is 40K. Why does a picture that's a maximum of 100x100 pixels ever need so much space (other than big ugly animations [whoops, I have that Daria one, don't I?])? Userpics are a big drain on the servers so why not chop it in half or even limit it to 10K? So, out or curiosity I ask you...

Poll #50361 userpic size limit

How large (in bytes) should userpics be limited?

They should be larger!: greater than 40k (included for the smartasses)
Leave them alone: 40k
Cut them in half: 20k
Make them simpler and smaller: 10k or under
None. Do away with them altogether! (included for the archconservatives)
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