October 2nd, 2002


fall is here

I haven't had to run the swamp cooler for a while now. My floor-stand fan has been idle for a few days as well. Heck, I've had to use a comforter in bed now rather than just a sheet the past few nights. I like that 'cause I get to hunker-down and snuggle myself into bed. You can't do that with just a sheet. :o)

a question

Q. What's worse than having a small penis?

A. Going on a TV dating show, getting completely plastered, and then deliberately showing your penis (blurred-out thankfully) when getting out of the hot tub. Not to mention your date calling your penis small during the after-interview. Oh, and in your own interview (in which you're still completely plastered & slurring words) you say you don't care that you've shown-off your small penis. Wait until his mother, friends, and potential future girlfriends see that show. ha! No, I'm not dissing him for having a small penis. I dissing him because he was an idiot to try to show it off.