October 10th, 2002



There's a new journal style in effect. It's been a while since I've made & used a new one because, well, I've been lazy. :o)


I'm watching "CSI" right now and all I can think about is when Sara was getting her initial look at the dead cheerleader, I noticed that the girl's neck twitched. It's not like she's really dead but things like this bug me all day long. Who didn't see this at production?

On another note: Is it just me or does George Eads (Nick on "CSI") look sexier now then he did when he was younger? I had already lusted after him years ago when he was on "Savannah" (damn good show that ended too soon) now he makes me all gooey inside. :o)
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Switch this

It's not that I hate Macs or anything but if I see one more Switch campaign ad I'm gonna seriously take a baseball bat to a TV ad exec's head. The worst character of them all is the blonde ditz with goofy smile exclaiming "I saved Christmas!" Grrr...
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