October 22nd, 2002


I'll have slice, thank you

Out of the blue today I was thinking about Antarctica and wondered who laid claim to what down there. This is map of current claimants of the continent that's been sliced up like a pie. Note some of the countries with the larger wedges of it. Now I'm wondering when (not if) there'll be challenges to this arrangement. Say that someone, the U.S. for example, thinks it ought to have more than just one piddly little island and decides Norway has too much territory. I'm sure there's some treaty or another regarding this but exactly how enforceable is it? The same goes for extra-terrestrial land like the moon or Mars. Who exactly can or should lay claim to what and who has the right to decide that? I mean, I'd personally like to claim a square mile on the brink of Valles Marineris, on the western end preferably. :o)