October 23rd, 2002


books, RCT2 and Xmas music

I bought some new books at the Friends of the Library store:
  • Clive Barker - "Weaveworld"
  • C. J. Cherryh - "Downbelow Station"
  • David Gemmell - "The King Beyond The Gate"
  • Ken MacLeod - "The Cassini Division"
  • Robert Thurston - "Way Of The Clans"

I've been playing a lot of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, and to be honest I find it a mixed bag overall. With it coming with a senario editor you'd think a trainer wasn't going to be needed for the game but sadly the editor, much like the game itself, has limitations that sort of ruin the high hopes I had of the game. Luckily there a three trainers available although they're very much alpha versions. In fact, only one of them will work on my machine without crashing and it only has two functions -- granted, one of those functions gives $5000 per button push and really, that's all I need.

I had bought the first of the "A very special Christmas" tapes waaay back in 1987 and over time it's gotten well worn out. I've been worrying about having to find a new one on CD to buy for about a year now and just yesterday something clicked on in head that said "You idiot! Just download them via WinMX." Doh! heh heh So I've gotten 12 of the 15 songs on the tape. The other three by Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi completely and totally suck IMHO so I didn't even bother downloading them.
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    Pointer Sisters - "Santa Claus is coming to town"