November 10th, 2002


my name is Vince, and I'm on crack

Ok, it's not really crack but the Sims is just as bad. I swore to myself I'd never buy the game. But there I was in WalMart with birthday money burning in my wallet when I espy the Sims Deluxe Edition $10 cheaper than I remember. I bought it. I spent from 5pm to 12pm playing without noticing the time passing by. Then again to 4am. Worse yet, my more meaner basest instincts came to play. My first family was of 3 guys. I got guy #1 and #2 into a couple (dancing, hugging, kissing & sleeping in the same bed) and it was so cute, so adorable... I couldn't let that go on of course. So I had guy #3 flirt and make out with guy #2 behind #1's back until I arranged for #1 to find out. Slap fight!! *glee* Then I had #3 get together with #1 up to the cute stage when I bring in #2 to steal #1 back. A total Jerry Springer moment. I'm bad, yes I know. :oÞ All that being said, almost half the time playing the game has been building and furnishing the houses. And then redoing it. And again and again.