November 13th, 2002


scared me shitless

With some b-day money I got another 128MB of RAM to add to my computer's memory. I've upgraded both my previous computers with RAM before so it should have been no big deal. I should have known better. I unplugged the computer, took off the case and looked for the memory slot left open. I had to remove both EIDE ribbon connector and the power supply connection to the mother board to get to the slot comfortably. I set the memory in firmly and snapped the locks into place, reconnected the ribbons and plugged the computer back in. Good news at first. BIOS reported the memory recognize and then WinXP started to load. I got the mouse pointer and then the video completely bombed on me and that caused the computer to reboot. It did the same three times before I shut off the computer, unplugged it and took that memory out knowing something was wrong. With the new memory out I booted up the computer only to see this gut-wrenching message:

Operating system not found

Oh shit. I booted it again and this time noticed the hard drive access light was completely dark, so, I went back into BIOS only to see my hard drives* weren't being recognized at all. I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked. I decided to sleep on it. When I got up this morning I plugged the computer back in and dropped into BIOS immediately and retried to set the master/slave settings but couldn't get the master hard drive to set. I could get the secondary HD adjusted correctly though. Just to see if that was working I plugged in the 'puter and booted... lo and behold BOTH drives seem to be working now. At this point I don't care why it's working, I'm just accepting it is. I need to decide if to try to install the new memory again or take it back. I'm leaning towards the latter right now.

*I've got both a 20GB and 4GB drive connected right now. The 4GB was an old one I just recently attached to be dedicated to all things Sims related -- the bloody program itself takes 1.5 GB of space, sheesh!
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