November 25th, 2002


update, Eurythmics, dinner & the 49ers

Made my biweekly update to Bentboy's Place, adding gallery #82.

Earlier this year I started to download a certain mix of Eurythmics's "Love is a stranger". Unfortunately I had lost my connection and by the time I went online I couldn't find it, nor any time since until tonight. Why, you ask? Because apparently the doofus I had started the download from had renamed the mix to something different. Turns out the song, under it's normal mix name, is one I've seen around plenty of times. *sigh*

Took out chicken out of the freezer this morning to thaw for dinner. It didn't. So it was macaroni and cheese with ground hamburger for dinner. :o) Still don't know what exactly I'm going to do with the chicken. *scratches head in thought*

The 49ers lost badly to the Eagles tonight in a game by all rights the should have won. Winning the game would have given them a three game lead over the Rams but noooooooo. There's 5 games left in the season and two of the games are against the Rams and the Packers. *shakes head* We need to win all five of them.
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    Eurythmics - "Love Is A Stranger [White Label Mix]"