November 29th, 2002


update for the past 3 days

Wednesday was my aunt's b-day where we had BBQ chicken, steak, twice-baked potatoes, broccoli & cheese for dinner, chocolate ice cream cake for dessert. She got lots of Christmas miniature village sets as presents. These she collects and is running out room for display.

Thanksgiving was severe overkill on food. 40 pounds of meat was made (22lb turkey + 18lb ham). Not even half of that was eaten. S'okay since the rest will be made into sandwiches, soups, etc... Also had was mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, stuffing (cooked separately), yams (ick*), green bean salad (had for the first time), freshly baked bread. Dessert was pumpkin pie and chocolate silk pie. All that food and I had one, just one, plate of food. Even after that four of us went for a short walk being we had relatively nice weather.

Couldn't sleep at all last night so I played the Sims until I got a bit sleepy around 6am but still couldn't sleep. So, I did a few crossword puzzles until 7am and finally got to sleep... to be woken up a half hour later by J calling from his morning walk. I'd forgotten he and three friends were heading to Hollywood today and WeHo tonight. He'd called from Fresno where they stood the night at K's place. I got back to sleep to be awaken at noon by J again while they were on the road. Tried to go back to sleep but by then there was a girl rollerskating noisily outside plus a car blasting rap from a car across the street. It started raining not long after which I loved and went outside to watch. Then moved the plants in pots out where they could get the water. The rain stopped for a while but started again in the evening. For dinner was take-out Chinese. Yummy!

* the spelling checker didn't have "ick" listed so it suggested "dick" instead. ^_^
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