December 9th, 2002


week in review

Monday: I received Holidaze from art. Thank you!!! Good stuff!

Wednesday: Got an Xmas from bulldawg. Thank you Steve! I've got it next to my small Xmas tree on top of my aquarium.

Friday: Received news from J that he heard back from three agencies in the Bay Area with job offers. He ended up picking the one with the best work environment. He'll be moving in with his BF in the City and starting his new job at the end for this month. I'm very, very happy for him. He wants me to go up and help with the move in about a week or so, plus meet his BF which I have yet to do. Dunno yet.

Saturday: Had to return library books since they were due. Then bought three books at the Friends of the Library: P. C. Hodgell's "God Stalk", Katherine Kurtz's "The Harrowing Of Gwynedd" and Fred Saberhagen's "The Third Book Of Swords" From there went to Wal*Mart and bought a pair of casual shoes as well as 2 CDs by the 4 Seasons: "Gold Vault of Hits" and "2nd Vault of Golden Hits". The latter has the exact same songs as the 8-track tape my parents had when I was young. In fact, upon listening to it the first time after I got it home I got a flashback of being the car with my parents and sister on the drive to Lake McClure for the annual family Easter get-together. Of course, back then though the family was large we still could find a place big enough. We stopped that tradition though in my latter-teen years. These days with my cousins having grandkids of their own it would be impossible to find a place large enough to handle the broods.

Sunday: Watched football all day long. The 49ers game wasn't broadcasted here except for some bonus coverage after the Buc/Falcons game. They got behind but was able to score a TD with 12 seconds left. That win plus a Rams loss meant they've won the division and a guaranteed playoff spot. Very good! I almost fell asleep around 4pm but I drank some Mountain Dew and caught a second wind.

Today: I've been playing this song non-stop this morning. I had to. It ran through my head all last night and I figured if I didn't play it I'd go nuts. Well, ok, more so. ;o)
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