December 31st, 2002



Moo-ve over Fido: A New Pet's in Town

If he can breed them down to 30 inches high I might just look into getting one. Milk at the grocery stores around here is usually dated as good for a week or maybe a day or two beyond that, so having a mini-cow would rock. A source of fresh milk would be such a convenience. I mean, sure, there are cats but they can be so touchy about these things. Hmm, maybe it's my cold hands?

Joking!! I'm only joking!

I don't have cold hands. :oÞ
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gotta love the Onion

Bill Of Rights Pared Down To A Manageable Six

Flanked by key members of Congress and his administration, President Bush approved Monday a streamlined version of the Bill of Rights that pares its 10 original amendments down to a "tight, no-nonsense" six.

A Republican initiative that went unopposed by congressional Democrats, the revised Bill of Rights provides citizens with a "more manageable" set of privacy and due-process rights by eliminating four amendments and condensing and/or restructuring five others. The Second Amendment, which protects the right to keep and bear arms, was the only article left unchanged.

Calling the historic reduction "a victory for America," Bush promised that the new document would do away with "bureaucratic impediments to the flourishing of democracy at home and abroad."

"It is high time we reaffirmed our commitment to this enduring symbol of American ideals," Bush said. "By making the Bill of Rights a tool for progress instead of a hindrance to freedom, we honor the true spirit of our nation's forefathers."

Read more of the silliness here. You know, I hope Bush doesn't see this. It might give him ideas. *shudder*
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