January 5th, 2003


books and DVDs

In a move that defies my packratness, I took all my aquarium and programming magazines that have been collecting dust for God knows how long and took them to the Friend's of the Library store. I had some old Out and Advocate magazines as well but I'll probably just toss those out. Truthfully, there are other magazines I have *cough*porn*cough* I'd like to get rid of but I don't know anyone local to give them too. I may just toss those as well. Later today I'm going to look through my non-fiction books, mostly college texts, to take to the FotL next week. While at the FotL store I bought 8 books. Collapse )

Headed over to Wal*Wart to see if they had gotten any more "The Fellowship of the Ring" extended editions. Yup, so I bought that one as well as "Ghosts of Mars." I'm going to take the latter back though. When the DVD plays the image keeps scrolling and the picture alternately goes contrasty and then back to normal. According to the player manual that can be caused by conflicts of NTSC vs PAL but the DVD is NTSC and even though the player handles both formats I set it explicitly to NTSC. *shrugs*

"The Fellowship of the Ring" was very good, especially with the cuts put back in. Many DVDs have commentaries by the directors and other technical people but I much rather love hearing from the actors like on this DVD and on "Blade 2". I'll say it again, mokie can have her Frodo and vampyrichamster can have Legolas and his pretty locks. Me, I'll take the yummy Strider... and Sam. Yeah, so Sam is small and has hairy feet. He's still cute. *mind wonders off thinking of a menage-a-trois*
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