January 6th, 2003


plumber and DVD problem solved

Woke up bright and early in case the plumber came early, then I cleaned. Of course, he didn't come until 2pm. :o/ He remove the toilet and looked around finally making a diagnosis I've been hinting at to plumbers for over a year. Sludge, or rather mold. There was so much inside the pipe it looked like plaque around the arteries of a man with serious heart disease. He got as much of it as he could and it's running better than it has in years.

Took back "Ghost Of Mars" to Wal*Mart for an exchange. I talked to the guy in electronics about the image scrolling and he immediately asked if I has running the DVD player through my VCR. I blinked and said yeah. He smiled and said that was the problem. So I ended up buying a RF modulator. Sure enough, after routing the DVD player through it "Ghost Of Mars" played just fine. I should have known -- electronics and I don't mix very well. *sigh* While there I also picked up "Ghost World".

I uploaded gallery 86 to Bentboy's Place. I've gotten behind again and will try to work up momentum to get ahead a few galleries.