January 10th, 2003


dogs, DVDs & books

My aunt is watching after the dog (Muffy) of family friends but she and my uncle were taking my cousin Joseph to Ontario for his flight back to Germany today. So, my aunt asked me to let Muffy out from the garage to the backyard around 10am. I stopped at my aunt's house first to let her 2 dogs out to do their business then walked 2 houses down to let Muffy out. I gave her can dog food and water and stood out back with her for a while, then wend back to my aunt's house to put the dogs back in the garage. They're in the garage because the oldest, Ruckles, will make a mess if she's left inside. She can't see much (cataracts) or hear much and her bladder control is about shot. Poor thing.

I was going to head back home but decided to walk to Wal*Mart instead. I picked up a two-way coaxial splitter as well as two DVDs from the bargain bins: The Cannonball Run and Burglar. I love them both though everyone else I know think they're too cheesy.

Walked to the Mall and walked around a bit even though there's just a few stores there. Then I entered the Friends of the Library store and bought: John Berendt's "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil", Robert Doherty's "Psychic Warrior" and Tim Power's "The Drawing Dark".