January 14th, 2003


fun with the Script Station for the Sims

I've been playing around with a program called the Script Station which allows you to modify how objects do what they do in the Sims. The program is user-unfriendly and doesn't have documentation that helps any, but, that's not surprising concidering it's a dead project. Apparently Maxis, the Sims producer, asked that the Script Station not be distributed. They worried users would create objects that could damage their systems. I know that argument is justified when I myself tried to create a superhygiene sink. What I ended up with was an object that crashed my Sims game before it even finished loading and then proceded to fill Windows' virtual memory at an alarming rate. It got to the point where the only thing I could do was shut down the machine. I've learned a bit since then though. I took the $500 Amishim bookcase and changed it so that "Study cooking" and "Study mechanical" are gone. I replace those with a modified script with a new action of "Study encyclopedia". When the Sim selects that function from the menu all of their skills are maximized instantaneously. They don't even go to get a book. Whee!
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