January 24th, 2003


my first visitor from LJ!

I got a personal visit from pit6steve here in Barstow on Tuesday. He was going to come on Wednesday but decided to come a day early for which I'm glad because he's such a super sweet guy! But, because he came a day early (and I'm a complete and total procrastinator) I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to clean the apartment before he got here. ;o) He arrived in the early evening and we talked a bit before my mother got home for work and then left again to grocery shop. Steve and I went out to dinner and then spent some quality time in his hotel room until 2:30 AM... watching HBO. :o) I don't have the channel and we both got to see our first episode of OZ which was very cool, and, also laughed over the nuts on the Taxicab Confessionals. I can't believe any of them would willingly sign a release form. *shakes head*

On Wednesday I called his hotel room to let him know I was up and dressed so he came over. We watched TV for a bit, then headed to the Factory Merchants Outlet Mall where he bought 2 shirts at Tommy Hilfiger and a pair of hiking boots/shoes at Timberland. From there we went to a nearby Wendy's/gas Station combo that sold lotto tickets so he could buy some for himself and some co-workers (only one of his numbers matched the winning ones he found out later.) Headed back to the apartment where I took photos of him and his new "big butch truck" *refrains from laughing* with his digital camera. Then we talked for a while and watched a videotape until we went out to dinner again and then on to the Barstow Station shops where lots of kitschy stuff can be bought. Went back to the hotel room for more HBO until about 9 or 10PM then we headed to Denny's. I had a root beer and he had coffee with a dessert. Back to the hotel for HBO and talking until around 3AM. He decided to leave before the sun came up so he wouldn't have to drive home with it in his eyes. We gave each other the biggest hugs saying goodbye. I'm completely and totally happy to have had to chance to meet him and hope to again in the future. How knows, maybe by then he'll know what all the options on his digital camera actually do. *grins*