January 28th, 2003


work damn you!

My CD-RW drive isn't recognizing any disk I put in there except for blank CDs. Meaning, I can't listen to any music CDs or play any of my games that required the CD in drive. I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms from the Sims. Now, I had gotten the extended warrantee for this computer but the problem is going to be trying to find where I put the paperwork away for "safe keeping." *sigh*

back to normal & the Lotto

Right before heading to bed last night I found the paperwork for the computer extended warrantee from BestBuy. I intended to call them today, however, when I booted my machine this morning everything was working just fine. Damn if I know what happened but I'm happy to have my CD-RW back to normal. I'll mention that the Sims is currently running right now as I type this in the background so everything is good, but, I'll keep the warrantee info in my drawer here in my desk just in case it has the nerve to act up again.

L had come over yesterday wondering if I could write a program that would generate all possible sets of numbers that the California SuperLotto could produce. Yes, that would have been quite easy to do but rather silly. I explained the number of combinations would be 47*46*45*44*43*21. In other words, so many combinations that whatever he wanted to do with those numbers he'd been better off just picking some random combination -- a program I had written previously for him does that and stores the numbers so it won't pick combinations previously generated. Quite frankly I think any statistical analysis of lotto numbers is pretty damn useless. There are plenty of statistic junkies out there and would that studying combinations were all it took to come up with winning numbers, those junkies would be rich by now. And they aren't.

on Shrubya

*sigh* Someone needs to drag that chimpanzee out of the White House, where he's surrounded by coporate and religious cronies, and stick him in a zoo where he belongs. Of course, I'd be condemning his neighboring chimps to 24 hour stupidity. I'm probably not that cruel. The only problem with that would be that Darth Vader Dick Cheney would be President. *shudder* At this point I'd like to slap around the 32.5% of registrated voters who didn't in 2000, and run over those who aren't registered at all with a Greyhound bus.
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