February 26th, 2003


journal changes

Well, it's been a while since I've used a new journal style so I went ahead and did one, and yes, it looks rather BlogSpot-ty but then I wanted something simple and graphics-free.

I came to realize it's a bit silly having a domain name (www.ordinaryme.com) point to a personal website that I haven't updated in ages and don't have the urge to again -- in truth I might just save the about me & the pictures pages then ditch the rest of it -- I've decided to point the domain here. And since the LJ FAQ gives step-by-step directions on how to do that for the domain manager I'm using, it was easy. The name of the journal now matches the domain.
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squeek, go for the eyes, boo

I was going to mention...

...that it rained most of yesterday until late afternoon. I had turned off the heater and opened the front door and windows so I could get the smell and sound of the rain much better. I put out the potted plants onto the lawn area so they could get some natural water for once. For a while I just looked out my bedroom window and watched the stray cats run from under one car to another looking for a dry spot to rest in.

The mailman today was a new one, or at least I don't recall seeing him before. He was rather good looking. :o)
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stepmother and dad

I got to watching the Jazz/Timberwolves game and almost forgot to call my stepmother and wish her a happy birthday. A friend of hers had came over and showed her how to do some things with her computer. For example, my sister had emailed her some photos zipped but my stepmother didn't know how to open them. My dad had bought her a digicam which she also didn't know how to use but does now, I think. My father won't touch the computer at all. When he worked at PG&E he had a company email address which I don't think he ever used. I won't mention how many years it took to convince him to even get an answering machine. My dad, the technophobe.
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bye bye Army

Found out my neighbor, the hunky military guy in #3, will be getting out of the Army in 4 days. Something about wanting to become a fireman. Good for him though I thought I read something about nobody being able to get out of military service until the war was over*.

*<rolls eyes>yeah, like it'll ever be over</rolls eyes>
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