February 28th, 2003


haircut and Gir

After putting it off for a while I went ahead and cut my own hair yesterday. It came out rather good though I might cut a bit more off in the back. I was hesitant to cut too much in the back than since it was a bit hard to see what I was doing even though I had 3 mirrors positioned so I could get a better view.

Downloaded a wallpaper of Gir of Invader Zim fame who's now on my desktop. Cute 'lil bugger.
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me likes "Perfect Day"

Is it wrong to like a song because of the following lyrics?

"It's a perfect day for punching cats
They like to curl up in my lap
And fill my house with poo
And make it smell like a zoo"

Don't worry, he likes to punch birds, kids and snails as well lest you think he just hate cats. :o) Download Perfect Day by Drew from his music page.

link snagged from eekers in regards to his drawings
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    Drew - "Perfect Day"
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