March 2nd, 2003

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Welcome to Greater Texas

by Molly Ivins on The Progressive:

"...Our comptroller, Carole Keeton McClellan Rylander Strayhorn (she gets married a lot), says we're $10 billion in the hole, not counting mandatory increased spending. Our all-Republican team has the following plan to deal with the problem: a) outlaw same-sex marriage; b) grant full legal rights to fetuses; and c) take gays and lesbians out from under the hate crimes statute. I think this will work like a charm..."

Full article found here
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our ally, Turkey

Note: The following quote is mute now as Turkey's parliament wasn't able to muster enough votes but it goes to show how much of our, your, money would have gone to bribe Turkey (a country with an estimated 95% anti-Iraqi war sentiment) into the forthcoming war on Iraq.

"Let's break this down in terms of households. Under Washington's plan, the average American taxpayer is planning on giving Turkey $83.33 up front, and cosigning a loan for $277.78 to a country with a credit rating as bad as your constantly broke brother-in-law's. Turkey is insisting on getting $138.89 out of each American taxpaying household, and having you cosign a loan for $305.56." - from Pedantry

The question I'm wondering now is, after touting Turkey as a key ally, how will the Bush government treat Turkey after not getting it's way?
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part of the reason I avoid the local newspaper

"What's curious, though, is the extent to which the US newspaper market is made up of 'single' newspapers, just with different mastheads and a smattering of local coverage. It's quite strange to travel, say, from Atlanta to Hartford to San Francisco, and find that the local papers there, which are far from being the Podunk Racoon-Intelligencer, all rely for the most part on either centrally-provided or syndicated content.

In short, what ClearChannel has done to American radio, Knight-Ridder, Gannett and co have done to American newspapers." - Nick Sweeney

This isn't unique to radio or print media though. There's been a steady push by mega-media corporations to allow themselves to own even more TV stations in a local market area which would IMHO lead to more bland, me-too news coverage and stories. Switch from one station to another and you'll find pretty much the exact same thing.
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