March 5th, 2003

Big Gay Vince, bastard, Southpark me

go Junior

Hmm, I'm watching the Kasparov vs. Deep Junior [computer] chess match on ESPN2. I'm finding the commentary interesting, especially about the psychology of Kasparov's moves and apparent draw offer (around move 27?) I don't think I've watched a chess match on TV before. I'm rooting for the computer btw simply because many grandmasters are such egotists.

Eh... Deep Junior just accepted a draw. NOBODY is liking this. People in the audience are actually booing. LOL
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site updates

I had uploaded gallery #90 to Bentboy's Place late on Monday evening. I had mention it before to pit6steve that as it stands now gallery #100 will be the last update for that site. That's still around 20 weeks away though since I only update bi-weekly.

I went ahead and moved the About Me and Photo pages from my personal site to my webspace at AOL then deleted the rest of the pages I had at Maybe I'll rebuild that stuff later but for now I don't care to. The 2 pages I kept have been altered to give them the same look as my journal and all linked together.

*points down* I'm loving the R&B feel of this mix.
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remind me again who's a threat to the U.S.?

"The warhead of a long-range missile test-fired by North Korea was found in the U.S. state of Alaska, a report to the National Assembly revealed yesterday.

'According to a U.S. document, the last piece of a missile warhead fired by North Korea was found in Alaska,' former Japanese foreign minister Taro Nakayama was quoted as saying in the report. 'Washington, as well as Tokyo, has so far underrated Pyongyang’s missile capabilities.'" - from the KoreaTimes

link snagged from Oliver Willis