March 21st, 2003



Does anyone know of any documented surveys of what percentage of the general population is left-handed? I had heard of some stories that in the past (back in the 1950-60s) kids would have their hands whacked with rulers to force them to use their right hands. I myself am left-handed. I remember when I took accounting in high school my teacher would not allow me to use my left hand to use the printing calculator. I HAD to use my right hand. She could give me no real reason why, just because "that's the way things are done." I won't rant on how just about every tool made is designed for right-handed people. Just another minority I belong to I guess. ;o)

Satisfy my curiosity, which hand you write with?

Right-handed (your average person)
Left-handed (the creative, super-geniuses. I am not biased. heh)

I didn't include an option for ambidextrousness. I figure everyone has a dominant hand.
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