April 14th, 2003



So after watching both CSI and Without A Trace last night on CBS I wondered if I went missing what the police or FBI might think of me after searching through all my possessions. Books, magazines, computer files... eek! Not good, but then I'm not going to get rid of the offending materials either. Is that stupid?

*wanders off singing "I'm a super freak, super freak. I'm super-feaky, yow!"*
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I should of just stayed in bed

Got up this morning and did my thing. I was craving caffeine but I didn't have any sodas in the fridge. No problem. I just get the cold cup thingy in the freezer (plastic mug with this jelly-like material inside the side walls to keep it cold). I open the freezer... and the cup is defrosted. The baggies of chicken (bought as a family pak but split up into several baggies) are partially defrosted. Shit. I called my mom who in turn called Sears and got transferred all over the place finally to a woman who says they'll send someone out to look at it. On Thursday. My mother wasn't pleased. Especially since the fridge isn't even 2 yrs old! We packed up everything we wanted to save and took it to my aunt's house since they have an extra freezer in the garage. As for the stuff in the fridge, well, to hell with it. What's in there isn't worth the hassle of keeping it all in coolers packed with ice.

And tonight... I was getting ready to upload the lasted BBP gallery and, I don't know what exactly I did, but I deleted (as in permanently) the files. Now I have to scrounge up something else. *sigh*
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Go Ducks!

Not that I'm a Mighty Ducks fan. In truth, I don't have a favorite hockey team. It's just that the Ducks have put the defending champs Red Wings into a 3-0 hole in a best of 7 series. That for some reason pleases me.

And for the baseball fans: the season just started, so please stop talking about making runs and capturing the division. The season isn't even a 1/10th over yet.

That being said, go SF Giants! ;o)