April 28th, 2003


more NFL draft

The 49ers picked up two wide receivers in rounds 4 and 6: Brandon Lloyd out of Illinois and Arnaz Battle out of Notre Dame. These were needed picks since J.J. Stokes will be let go and Tai Streets may or may not be around for long. The 5th round pick went to a tight end, Aaron Walker out of Florida, which confused me a bit because I didn't think we needed another one but a draft analyzer on TV mention that new coach Erikson likes 2 tight end sets. Mmm, ok. And though I mentioned we needed a QB in an earlier post, Ken Dorsey out of Florida does not strike me as someone whose abilities would do well in the 49ers' system. I hope I'm wrong.

Here's the 49ers draft analysis by Len Pasquarelli at ESPN.com
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