May 6th, 2003


problem solved

I went ahead and tried to make a layout layer in S2 last night with only the recent and friends pages being customized. The other views I left using the default core code for now. I compiled it until the bugs went bye-bye and then saw the layer promptly disappear from my layer list. I posted about it in lj_dev and it looks like whitaker found the problem and the fix for it but it isn't live yet. That'll probably happen during LJ's weekly maintenance tonight. Other than that, there's been nothing of real interest going on lately.
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they work too good

I know the caps on medicine bottles are supposed to be child-proof but it seems to me that they are far more adult-proof than anything else. Even the disposable lighters I've always used for candles now have these arcane ways to make them work: pushing wheels, sliding switches, etc...
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oh my [deity of choice]

I just saw Lindsay, cast member of MTV's Real World Seattle, on CNN Headline News doing a short segment about music. Don't these people know she did that infomercial with Miss Cleo? Didn't they see her performance? And they still had her on??? *shakes head sadly* Well, ok, she didn't do that bad of a job. At least I didn't want to slap her annoying face this time. Progress has been made.