May 12th, 2003


heat and jury duty

For the past week it's been pretty windy, not uncommon for this time of year though usually more so at the end of March, and with it came cooler temperatures. On Sunday the wind stopped and the temperature climbed to 90°F. Today was also in the lower 90s. This too is normal for this time of the year. Unfortunately, the cooler hasn't been hooked up yet though I suspect the handyman is making his rounds to get everything working. Tonight I going to get my floor fan put together and change comforters. From my thick, comfy Ralph Lauren Polo one to my much thinner one that came in the "bed a in bag" I had gotten.

Today I was originally scheduled for jury duty but calling a toll-free number beforehand let me know we weren't needed after all, however, we could be recalled to serve within 90 days. This time was a bit unusual because I found out that in my same jury group was my aunt. That would have been interesting if we both got to serve on the same jury.

plight of a music store owner

The store manager started in on the people who download music on the Internet. “People don’t want to buy music anymore, they just want to steal it. No one cares about the artists anymore. Record companies never did, now fans could care less, all they want is the music and they don’t want to pay for it. And they certainly don’t care about the record stores anymore. Most of the people who came here when I was selling new CD’s began browsing, without buying. They would come to see what they wanted, then go home and download for free.”

Then he lit in on about the record companies, telling me that CD’s shouldn’t cost the consumer more than $8.00, and the greed of the record companies lead to crappy CD’s, lousy pre-packaged artists, and people’s refusal to spend $18.00 for something they could get free. He said the record companies own greed destroyed the business for everyone.

This guy was bitter, and now that I think about it, I understand why. If I still owned my record store I think I’d feel the same way. - by John Manzione

Full column here at MacNetv2

As someone pointed out in the comments section with changes in technology certain jobs and skills simply aren't needed any longer. And as I was reading this article feeling a bit sorry for the store owner I realized I was downloading a song in the background. Oops.
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