May 25th, 2003


book buying

Stopped by the Friends of the Library store yesterday which I hadn't done since the start of the year. Listened to one of the ladies who was working there complaining about the budget cuts for all the libraries. I sympathized but then but what better way to cut spending than to do it across the board? It's got to come from somewhere. While there I picked up:

Poul Anderson - "The Gods Laughed"
Greg Bear - "Legacy"
Ben Bova - "Privateers"
Marion Zimmer Bradley - "Endless Universe"
Lester Del Rey - "The Best Of Lester Del Rey"
Gregory Fitz Gerald (editor) - "Neutron Stars"
Frank Herbert - "Hellstrom's Hive"
Larry Niven - "Neutron Star"
Fred Saberhagen - "The Berserker Wars"
L. Neil Smith - "Henry Martyn"

I went ahead and re-uploaded the page with all my books listed, just for convenince. That way when I'm at the library I can check against it to see if I have a certain book.
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