May 27th, 2003


the guys

Jesse and Mike got here on about 9pm. I hadn't met Mike before so I was quite anxious to meet him. He is soooo cute in a huggable way. The two of them together make a cute couple. Since it was a bit too late for a big sit-down dinner, the three of us headed to Del Taco for eats. We sat there munching and chatting for almost two hours. I felt a bit bad for Mike since practically all that time was spent talking about Jesse's and mine misadventures in the past. That he didn't yawn outright was amazing. We all headed back to my place to see some pictures and talk a bit more. At one time the two of them kissed and, maybe a sign that I play too much Sims, I swear I saw floating hearts over their heads. I hope their relationships lasts for a very long time.

The guys had gotten a hotel room, after all, they've still got 7 hours of more driving to get to 'Frisco. Mike, being the really smart one, is sleeping in. Jesse and I on the other hand will be going for a long-ass walk in about in hour.

...and goodbye

The walk idea got nixed so instead Jesse and I went to visit my aunt and uncle. We started to walk there but a breeze picked up and Ms. Drama Queen was worried he'd get an ear ache, so, we took the car instead. Sat there and chatted until about 9am, then out to grab a soda and talked a bit more to 9:30. Back to my place where we said our goodbyes then he headed off to the hotel to pick up his sweetie, pack and leave. He told me there'd probably be 2 stops on the way: one in Bakersfield and another in a small-ish town along the I-5.