May 29th, 2003


"it's not so funny any more"

There is a reason why all the Dumb-Ass Dubya jokes have been drying up lately. It isn't for the reason the Foxadelphians think , either. They believe people have stopped mocking him because he suddenly seems heroic. Even Howard Dean says people admire Bush because, like him or not, he acts like a leader. (The gentle reader may wish to pause here and gag before reading on. Or to recall Dylan's advice: "Don't follow leaders.")

The fact is that people have stopped laughing at Bush because he's no longer the village idiot. He's the village tyrant now. After what he did to Iraq, after he lied to this country to persuade it to go to war, nothing he ever does will be funny anymore.

There were those among us who thought that if we kept harping on the "Bush is an ignoramus" theme, why, one day we'd all wake up and laugh him right out of office, no need for an election. We dwelt on his inability to pronounce "nuclear" (neither could Jimmy Carter) or string two sentences together as comforting proof of his stupidity, as though he were more an embarrassment than a danger.

But the point was never what we thought of him. We are finally beginning to get that now. It was what he thought of us. (Has any American president ever shown less interest in the American people and their well-being?)

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dream fragments

I haven't been remembering any of my dreams for quite a while now. I do recall some fragments from last night though. In one scene my mom gave me lots of present for no apparent reason, meaning not a holiday, and it turned out they all were power tools. w00t! Another scene I was in a office at some winter resort designing a water slide a la Rollercoaster Tycoon. Better yet, I got to ride it when it was finished. Very exhilarating! Another scene I was walking down this street and passed a parked car. Inside the car was a Japanese man in his 50s yelling at his early 20s daughter. I stopped for bit and saw as the girl broke down and cried. There's a gap in my memory here but I do remember later that the girl and I were running through the back streets of a large city (NYC maybe?) fleeing from pursuers with guns. The last scene I remember was being on a starship, somewhat like the Enterprise, in the middle of a war. We won the battle we were in at the time but when we got back to Earth we found out that almost all of the fleet was decimated. So much so that my captain was informed he was a high admiral now, simply because there wasn't anyone left with his experience any longer.
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death row rows

A $220 million expansion of San Quentin's Death Row has become a major sticking point in legislative negotiations over a state budget. [...]

Adding to the friction, the Assembly's budget plan proposes building a bigger Death Row at Folsom. This proposal is opposed by the Assembly's GOP leader, whose support is necessary to pass a budget. [...]

Prison officials complain that Death Row's design is outdated and dangerous for guards. Prison advocacy groups contend that medical and mental health sites are woefully inadequate.

"The current housing units are inhumane, dilapidated and old," said Don Specter, director of the Prison Law Office, which has a long-standing lawsuit against the state prison system over Death Row conditions.

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There's a simple solution to all of this: abolish the death penalty. :o)
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Big Gay Vince, bastard, Southpark me

heh, yeah, spilt coffee *wink and nudge*

Dallas (AP) - Southwest Airlines has fired two pilots who reportedly took off all or part of their clothes in the cockpit while in flight, then summoned a flight attendant to bring them paper towels and soda water.

"We conducted a thorough investigation and terminated the two pilots involved for inappropriate conduct," Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Ginger Hardage said Friday.

The pilots may appeal their firing. They argued that one of them removed his uniform after spilling coffee, and that the flight attendant saw them when she complied with their request to bring paper towels to the cockpit.

It was unclear why the second pilot was believed to have removed his clothes.

The names of the male pilots weren't divulged. They were dismissed earlier this month, but the incident, first reported in Friday's editions of USA Today, happened months ago. -- Associated Press
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