June 9th, 2003

Big Gay Vince, bastard, Southpark me

bomb-sniffing dogs didn’t

ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 9 — A dog trainer is scheduled to go on trial today in Alexandria federal court, charged with providing the federal government with bomb-sniffing dogs that couldn't do their jobs.

Russell Ebersole, 43, who owns a kennel in Stephenson, is accused of defrauding the government of more than $700,000 and putting at risk the lives of thousands of federal workers whose workplaces his dogs guarded.

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<humor>In related news, I'm selling chickenhawk-neocon sniffing cats for $1. I was going to charge $10 a piece but I've been told chickenhawk-neocons aren't all that hard to find these days.</humor>

are those Republicans or roaches scattering about?

When a utility executive questioned why he was contributing to Republican congressional candidates he had never heard of, the answer came back loud and clear: The donations were requested by GOP leaders who were helping the company win an exemption potentially worth billions of dollars.

Financially strapped Westar Energy was seeking "a seat at the table" of a House-Senate conference committee on the Bush administration's energy plan last year, according to internal company records spelling out the planned campaign donations. [...]

Barton was one of the lawmakers assigned to the House-Senate conference committee that finalized President Bush's energy plan in 2002, and the exemption the congressman introduced would have freed Westar from unwanted regulatory oversight.

The provision was a critical component of Westar's plan to split its regulated utility from the rest of its businesses. Having two publicly traded companies might enable Westar to transfer more than $3 billion in debt to the utility. The utility then could try to pass those costs to its customers through rate hikes.

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I'm not saying Democrats don't do the same thing, many politicians do sadly, but at least they take bribes from less publicity-inept contributors.