June 16th, 2003



Called my dad yesterday to wish him a happy father's day and got caught up on some family news. My uncle Louis has cancer of the pancreas. The last I had heard he was still getting test done upstate at UC San Francisco. After the tests the doctor told him he didn't want to operate because the cancer was intertwined with major blood vessels so for now it's chemo. Dad said my uncle is feeling good though and is still involved in his local VFW functions. That's been a good thing because he was getting to be too homebound after the death of my aunt Connie. Dad also mentioned how his dog Cocoa is getting older. About 14 years old now I think. He can't jump like he used to but he can still stand up against the fence and bark at kids passing by. In his defense about the barking, kids used to pick on him and taunt him as they walked by. My dad's house is a corner lot and it was, is still I think, a bus stop for Franklin Elementary School.

My sister had called to remind me to call dad. Like I'd ever forget. *rolls eyes* She and my bro-in-law are on the Atkins diet. She finds it odd she's eating food she tried to stay away from before (meats) and now has to stay away from fruits and breads. My nephew is whittling bars of soap as practice for some kind of badge he's trying to get for the Boy Scouts. I'm not too pleased about him being in the Boys Scouts but then my problem isn't with the kids but the adults making bad policies. My sis said she'll call again today to talk to my mom.
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interesting move in the UK

Tony Blair revealed a renewed thirst for radical constitutional reform yesterday when he swept aside 1,400 years of history by abolishing the post of lord chancellor and setting up a new US-style supreme court in place of the law lords.

The prime minister will also set up an independent judicial appointments commission, a reform resisted until very recently by Derry Irvine, who quit the government yesterday after six years.

The reforms, the product of a long Whitehall battle, bring about the much-demanded separation of powers between the judiciary and politicians.

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