June 23rd, 2003


the death of dark

Have you ever notice it truly doesn't get dark in dwellings any more? In my bedroom there's a clock on my old 80's stereo that lights half of the room in a blue glow. Then there are two other clocks on my VCR and DVD players. Also, there's the LEDs from 2 power strips. More LEDs from my floor fan and aquarium heater used in the winter time. Darkness? What's that?

The living room has the glow from a VCR clock and a power strip LED switch. The kitchen/dining area has clocks from the microwave and coffee maker. The windows have light shining through from the floodlight across the alley. The bathroom also gets some of the floodlight as well as a LED from the compact power strip.

Has anyone though about how our bodies react to all this light? Evolutionally I mean. Will our bodies adapt in some way to counter whatever effect all this light has on our bodies (assuming there is an effect)?
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one current AOL poll

Do you fear Iraq could become another Vietnam?
60% Yes, I see early warning signs
40% No, things are going as expected
Total votes: 16,285

How do you feel about the war since major combat ended?
44% More negative, there are too many casualties
37% I feel the same
19% More positive, great progress has been made
Total votes: 16,304

Which do you think is most important?
34% Minimizing casualties
28% Capturing Saddam
25% Rebuilding Iraq
13% Finding weapons
Total votes: 16,497

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