June 30th, 2003


weekend update

Changed the colour scheme of my journal again. Already working on the next one. It's a sickness. :o)

Turner Classic Movies ran several of Ray Harryhausen's works this weekend. Usually it's the Sci-Fi channel that does marathons of his movies. I love most of his works like "It Came From Beneath the Sea", "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad", "Jason and the Argonauts" and "Clash of the Titans." Good stuff.

On Friday I was woken up by 2 male voices that sounded like they were just outside my window. Slipped on some clothes then opened the shades to see no one there but I could still hear the voices extremely close by. After about ten minutes I heard a crack of a twig so I looked out and up. I couldn't see far up the tree but I knew they were up there. I was going to tell them to get out the tree when I saw one of them drop down. He was a total Eminem clone, meaning: ick! The second climbed down more gracefully. Good looking. Short sandy-blond hair, neither muscley nor thin, light blue shirt and jeans. Both sat beneath the tree facing the street. I didn't know them but I didn't really feel like chasing them away either. One of them bummed a cigarette from my neighbor in #1 as she left for work. They probably sat there for 2 hours before they took off.

Saturday I was woken up by a cousin. Or rather his wife whom I hadn't seen since my grandma's funeral. Glad to hear the family's fine. I think my dad had said that they became a grandparents again not too long ago.
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