July 1st, 2003


irony, thy name is Senator Hatch

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) suggested Tuesday that people who download copyright materials from the Internet should have their computers automatically destroyed.

But Hatch himself is using unlicensed software on his official website, which presumably would qualify his computer to be smoked by the system he proposes.

The senator's site makes extensive use of a JavaScript menu system developed by Milonic Solutions, a software company based in the United Kingdom. The copyright-protected code has not been licensed for use on Hatch's website. - [Full article]
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squeek, go for the eyes, boo

there she goes...

Blanca has made a return visit. Blanca (my name for her) is a stray cat I saw last year who was keeping her kittens in the area behind apartment #1 where the waterheater is kept. The bottom-left corner of the door had broken off and resulting hole is just big enough for the kittens to crawl through and be safe. Like last year she brought a litter of fuzzballs with her. Tiny things all white and poofy. Quite cute actually. *heart melts with anime-like big eyes* *shakes head and resumes big-bad mean demeanor* While they were resting I brought out a bowl full of water just in case Blanca needed some since it was hot outside. She didn't stay long though. By early evening she and the bundles of fur left northward to parts unknown.
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