July 8th, 2003


on the 4th of July...

I had woken up late Friday morning, turned on my machine, grabbed something to eat then checked my email quicklu. I got my clothes ready for after taking a shower so that I could then head down my cousin Lisa's house, but, somehow I fell back asleep. :op Woke up again just before 3pm and jumped in the shower. Got to Lisa's house in short order. My aunt Josie and Lisa were in the kitchen but Lisa went back into the pool where her son Michael, her bf Dave, and my uncle Joe were swimming. I sat outside poolside under the canvas tent with my mom and aunt talking until about 5:30pm when we had dinner. The choices were grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken. Potato salad and chili beans rounded out the menu. Overall we didn't eat that much. I've noticed over the years instead of eating one humongous meal we'll snack a bit all day long and then have a modest meal. More swimming ensued afterward but not me. Around 8:30 my aunt had gone outside in the front yard with her dog Chula when someone down the block lit some firecrackers. Chula freaked out and took off down the road. Several of us took off to look for her. She ended up running two blocks away to my aunt's house standing by the front door. Since I was at the house I stood there because everyone was coming over for a better view of the city fireworks at 9pm. Everyone arrived just after they started. Lisa, Michael and Dave drove to Kennedy Middle School (which is about a block away as the crow flies but three blocks directly) for a better view. Lisa, Michael and Dave left just before 10pm since Lisa and Dave were heading to Las Vegas early the next day. My aunt and uncle would head over to Lisa's to take care of Michael in the morning. I left not too long after.
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