July 13th, 2003


Marine refuses anthrax vaccination

"A Marine helicopter pilot who refused on religious grounds to receive an anthrax vaccination was dismissed from the Corps on Tuesday and ordered to serve seven months in prison.

1st Lt. Erick Enz pleaded guilty during a court-martial to disobeying the order of a superior. He faced a maximum punishment of five years confinement, forfeiture of all pay and allowances and dismissal from service."

Why would anyone object to getting the vaccination? Maybe because...

"A September 2002 U.S. General Accounting Office survey of 1,253 soldiers who received the anthrax vaccination found that 84 percent suffered minor reactions. At least 24 percent had major multiple "systemic" reactions, the latter more than 100 times higher than the estimate of the manufacturer." [Full story]

With those kind of numbers I'd've objected too.
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a Matrix question

In the war between human and machines, why didn't the machines just leave Earth behind? The technology at that point was sufficient for machines to exist in space and since it's never been mentioned that humans were actively exploring space, why not go where they wouldn't be bothered? Really, they could head around in just about any direction since they wouldn't be limited to Earth-like worlds, assuming they wanted to exist on a planet which they don't need to do. In space they could mine asteroids or planets for any materials they need. They could build huge solar power complexes giving them all the power they need. Why stick on a piddly ruined little planet subsisting on human energy by-products and all the problems that go along with it?
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