July 14th, 2003

squeek, boo, go for the eyes

R.I.P. stray cat

There's a dead stray cat on the lawn. I didn't know the cat was dead at the time I opened the front door to assess what the outside temperature was like. I just noticed a cat that looked like it was asleep. It was about five minutes later when the back of my brain coughed up "but cats don't sleep there in the morning". Which is true because while cats love to sun themselves there in late morning and then catch the shade there from the tree in the afternoon, eary morning the lawn is still drenched with water from the sprinklers. I wanted to poke the cat and hope it was still alive but then I'm not touching a possibly dead cat. I walked near it stomping my feet which should have woken it up and caused it to run off. Mmm, not good. I went back inside. A little while later I noticed a black cat with white spots walk up to the presumed dead cat and nudge it with his nose. No response. *sigh* I'll have to call the rental agency and let then know as soon as they open for the day for removal of the body. A dead cat body in 115 degree heat is a bad thing.

soldiers fed up with the war

After his soldiers forced their way into a home in hot pursuit of looters, Sgt. Shawn Gibson shouted in the owner’s face: "No more Ali Baba!" As he left, he said, "They know we’re here to help." But one of the neighborhood’s young men, a computer student named Ali Karim, 22, was left seething as he likened the American occupation to Gaza. "We see the Jews on TV kill the Palestinians and the Americans do the same thing in Iraq now." Say an engineer, Khalid Taleb, "He’s very afraid, even from a small child he’s afraid. Take away his gun and he’s nobody."

Alpha Company’s illusions are gone for good now. Good works seem like a waste of time. They brought in bulldozers to clean the neighborhood soccer field of accumulated trash, and the next day people were using it as a dump again. "There’s no trust anymore," says Sgt. Harris. "None." Specialist Bobby Stuart says "I don’t see how Rumsfeld can say there’s been progress when there are soldiers getting shot day in and day out." - [Full story]
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bye bye dead one

I called the rental office as soon as it opened and was then told they didn't handle this type of thing. She advised me to call the Humane Society. Um, ok. So I called them and got a voice message that was very faint to hear but I heard "office hours" and "11am". Fine. I waited until 11 and called this time hearing all the message which basically told me they're closed on Sundays and Mondays. *sigh* Called the rental office back (got the newer secretary this time) and told her the Humane Society was closed then asked what to do. She put me on hold just a sec and then said a maintenance guy would come over. Sure enough 10 minutes later one of the maintenance guys I recognize pulls up. I show him the cat and he pulls out this flimsy kitchen garbage bag to stuff the cat in and takes it to the dumpster. *rolls eyes* I could have done that myself. But then again... I was standing a good 15 feet away when he lifted the body and I got a whiff of a nasty smell. Ugh. He and I talk just a bit and I told him about all the stray cats around here. In fact, I pointed out one of them lounging under the hedge about 3 feet away from us. He just shook his head and left.
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one born-again idiot

A judge listened to testimony Monday and is expected to rule soon whether former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders owes money to a body shop for work done on his vintage 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible.

State District Judge Joe Cox took the case under advisement after the one-day trial, said court administrator Donna Bouthton.

The owner of the repair shop said Sanders wanted to pay only $1,500 of the $4,265.57 bill, saying that Jesus had informed him that was all he needed to pay. - [Full Story]
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speaking of Football and idiocy...

ESPN does what ABC once threatened to do: hire Rush Limbaugh!

National talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh will join ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown to provide the voice of the fan and to spark debate on the show, the network announced Monday.


"Rush is a great communicator and a fan's fan," said Mark Shapiro, ESPN's executive vice president of programming and production. "His acute sense of what's on the minds of his listeners combined with his ability to entertain and serve as a lightning rod for lively discussion makes him the perfect fit for this new role.

"We want to give fans a voice, and Rush is the person who can do it." - [Full Story]

Excuse me? He speaks as my voice?! Oh HELL no! If they go though with this nonsense I will not watch the show which I had always done previously.
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