July 19th, 2003


today's outing

Let me backtrack first. My mom, aunt and cousin went to Gene, Nevada for some gambling Thursday night and Friday. Somewhere on the way home (probably at Bun Boy restaurant in Baker) my mom lost her glasses. So, today was a trip to Victorville, the next largest town 30 minutes away. Went to LensCrafters for new glasses. While the glasses were being made we headed to Best Buy where I finally got new speakers like I've been meaning to do. Hooked them up to my computer later and... *refrains from gushing* ...much, much better. Finally got some thump going on. Also picked up the Resident Evil DVD. Good movie and glad I didn't see it at the theater. I'm a jumpy type of person when it comes to surprises. It would have been embarrassing for me. Can't wait for the sequel next year. Ate lunch at Jack-In-The-Box having 2 Jumbo Jacks & fries. The guy behind the counter was the cutest guy I've ever seen working at a fast-food joint. Straight out of an Ambercrombie and Fitch catalog... but not so gay. ;o) On the drive home for some strange reason my foot started to cramp up. It did it again after I got home several times. Very weird.